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Who we are!

Balloons Galore is not a big party store.  We're a staff of 4 who learn from each other so that your event gets the 'wow!' factor.  We source thousands of products so that we can create unique colour combinations, intriguing stuffing techniques, and beautiful organic arrangements.  We know that our customers can shop for balloons in large discount retailers.  We will do our best to SHOW you the difference time and attention can make.  

Our Promise to You!

All Balloon Galore Balloon products are made with the best care possible.

Our promise to you it that we will:

  • Use only Qualatex latex balloons - the industry standard for quality

  • Measure every balloon so it's inflated to the perfect size

  • Treat every helium filled latex balloon - from the inside - with Ultra Hi-Float to ensure the longest life possible!

  • Give you a free weight with a bouquet purchase!

What we offer!

We offer the following:

  • All of the basics - including foil, latex, and branded balloons

  • Unique products like ORBZ, BUBBLES, Jumbo SuperShapes, and CRYSTAL CLEARZ - Balloons with the extra 'Wow!'

  • Double Stuffed Latex balloons

  • Confetti filled balloons

  • Centrepieces

  • Balloon Columns and arches of any size

  • Organic Wall Swatches

Store Hours

Monday           10am - 6pm

Tuesday           10am - 6pm

Wednesday      10am - 6pm

Thursday          10am - 6pm

Friday             10am - 6pm

Saturday          10am - 5pm

Sunday           11am - 5pm

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