Zero-to-Landfill Program

Are Balloons Safe for the Environment?

Latex Balloons are made from 100% Latex Rubber.  This organic substance comes from the rubber tree.  Latex balloons will biodegrade.  However, if balloons end up in the wrong place (e.g: released into the sky!), they can cause significant problems to wildlife.  

If you are unable to properly dispose of the balloons you purchase from us, we will take them back, free of charge, and ensure they are disposed of properly.  Our Zero-to-landfill program guarantees that your balloons won't ever end up in the wrong place - and it's FREE to you if you're one of our customers!

So rest assured, we've got you covered.  Find hundreds of custom and pre-designed balloon bouquets in our Etobicoke Balloon Store!

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